Bay Mau coconut forest village in Cam Thanh commune is touted as one of the most-frequented tourist destinations in Hoi An City in the central province of Quang Nam thanks to a sightseeing tour that allows visitors to explore the coconut forest and gain an insight into traditional fishing techniques while riding in a bamboo basket boat.

As observed by the Daily, many visitors screamed for joy when joining the boat tour to admire the stunning beauty of the coconut forest and watch local fishermen perform fishing techniques in the middle of the river to learn about daily lives of local fishermen full of hardship and challenges. Blue in the concave The mangrove forests Bay Mau coconut forest 5 km to the East of Hoi An city (2 and 3 village, Cam Thanh commune) is surrounded by water.

It was a revolutionary base in the resistance and is one of the core zone of biosphere reserves world Hoi An - Cham Island. Mr Tran Bua revolutionary cadres in the 2 villages , said: "We held a local guerrilla forces raid to defeat many of the enemy." It had been "white plow" but with vitality "white plow" but with vitality, the tops are cut coconut green movement grows up.

Sometimes, in the asymmetries, but the guerrilla force has relied on coconut forests cause more damage to the enemy.   Explore Bay Mau coconut forest is not only a monument has special historical value, it is also a unique ecological area with water flooded forests c-harming landscapes. Nowaday it have been narrowed to only 58ha of forest, but coconut is still a rare feature in wetland.

Hoi An Director of Management Center Mr. Nguyen Chi Trung said that "The city has proposed to recognize these relics and management plan, strict conservation. This is whe-re conservation of biodiversity with many unique and rare. "

In here, with seagrass ecosystems. This is also a place of many marine species of value, especially shrimp, crab and molluscs. Last year, UNESCO has recognized Hoi An- Cham Island is a biosphere reserve in the world. Including this area.

Tourists have discovered the ecosystem of the flooded palm forest, baskets boating, cycling, fishing or just participate in the coconut forest garbage collection, contributing to environmental protection.

Hoi An Head of Trade - Tourism Ms. Dinh Thi Thu Thuy “In recent years, some businesses have organized tour operators to discover this palm forest. The problem is the management of monuments and tourist operators to ensure consistent principles“

One of the main attractions of Hoi An is the opportunity to experience lush, rich greenery and nature so close to the bustling hub of the old town.   Bay Mau coconut forest is a popular tourist destination only a few kilometres from the old town, perfect for those seeking a chance to explore the water and the Nipa palm forest.

Like many areas in the country, it was also a place of importance during the Vietnam War. It was a safe haven for reserve forces, affording a safe place from which they could make sorties into Hoi An proper.   Located in Cam Thanh village, the craft village features houses made from coconut leaves. Originally, there were 7,000 square meters of free-growing coconut forest.

Situated near a mangrove estuary, it is a unique salt marsh ecological area with a submerged forest ecosystem.   It is home to many species of shrimp, crab, and molluscs. The salt marsh acts as a filter system, gathering waste in the water source before it flows to the beach.

Local families run the tours in the area, providing a sustainable, affordable eco-tour and supporting the local economy. Visitors are escorted through palm-covered passages in traditional woven round basket boats, which many fishermen in Hoi An still use today.

They will learn about the daily life of local farmers and fishermen and participate in traditional activities, such as a boat race, throwing a net, and enjoying freshly-caught seafood. Travellers who wish to see the area but stay off the water can also rent a motorbike or request a complimentary bicycle from reception and scoot through the towering coconut forest.


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